Monday, 30 January 2012

first time at the dentist

first check, and first in the seat

first 'real' check


It's not often that my kids reach a milestone all at the same time, but this was one of those times. Our first 'family' visit to the dentist...

Daisy wanted to go first, and was quickly up in the chair with her mouth wide open {although there was no noise coming out, which would be a first too *wink*} and she happily let our dentist check her teeth with the mirror and count them with a nasty hook-like tool.

Angus was up next, and while he was okay with opening his mouth {somewhat} and letting the dentist check him out, it was not so good news for me and my future budget. It looks like he's heading down the same 'over-crowded-mouth-issues' as I experience in my youth. Unfortunately, I'm sure this will result in plenty of money being transferred to the dentist and orthodontist. On the up side, his teeth {well all of their teeth} were in exceptionally good nic.

and then little Mia took to the chair, and she was very brave, right up until the chair moved. Then, not-so-much, and she cried and cried. So really, she didn't even let the dentist look in her mouth at all.

I won't go into my ongoing dental sagas, but I will say that my middle {virgo} child was super impressed with all of the gore, and the number of instruments that were shoved in my mouth all at one time.

As entertaining as they found their 'adventure' I'm am glad that I don't have to do it again for another year.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

home style

It is no secret that I intensely dislike Summer. I don't like the hot weather, it saps my energy, sends me scurrying inside to the shade {and later in the day, the stifling heat} You just can not escape hot weather.

However, this year I have discovered that if you add some cold water, then it can be a little more bearable... in fact, after taking an hour long dip in a friends beautiful pool last week, I think I could be persuaded to like summer. Maybe not this year, but definitely as the kids get older and more able. Maybe then. Maybe.

Thankfully, I have people in my life who don't share my defeatist attitude [in relation to hot weather] and do cool things, like rig up a home-style slip-and-slide. Awesome fun was had by all participants...

home style slip-n-slide

I hope that you are all finding ways to make this blasting heat a little more bearable...

Friday, 20 January 2012

more holiday adventuring...

melbourne museum

viewing the 'real' thing

today we visited the melbourne museum... and saw stuff!

i'm a little embarrassed to say that this is my first visit to the 'new' museum. I've had many excuses for not going, ranging from the kids not being old enough, to not wanting to go on the weekend, basically it's been chucked into the 'too-hard' basket... but with a willing chauffeur who was keen on a family visit, off we went.

and of course it was AWESOME!!

We started with the dinosaurs, and after reading dinosaur books to Angus for years, it was quite mind-boggling to see the bones for real {i have seen them as a kid, but everything looks big when your a kid right} ... but these skeletons are huge from a 'grown-up' perspective too. I was totally impressed with the interactive technology in the new museum, as were my kids...

perfect for six year old boys

... and really, did they design this computer for six-year-old boys? I lost count of how many times we had to return to it so that he could watch it 'poo' again!

interactive information

This was another area that we spent heaps of time in, all of the animals. I am sure that I didn't notice all of them, but I can say that when I was standing right in front of the lion, it gave me a glimpse of how scary it would be if you were looking down the eyeball of a real {live} one... shudder!

looking at stuff

We also spent ages looking at the creepy crawlies, something that Cam said he loved as a kid {personally I never went in for the kritters} but they found it interesting, and it is something that I would have spent more time in as a grown-up if I didn't have the kids in tow.

pinned beetles

confiscated creepy crawlies

All in all, a grand adventure and one that we will do again {maybe in about 6 months} there was just so much to see, and so many things that the kids to touch and peer into. {i feel like I should be putting in stars here... okay 5 stars it really was that good}

Thursday, 19 January 2012

waking up in her {new} big bed

waking up in her {new} big bed

Finally we did it... at 2½ she finally got her own big bed, she is finally sharing a room with her sister, and she did us proud, sleeping through her first night and then peacefully settling down for her day time sleep.

I think she was ready.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

zoo day

we gave them a map each...

... they found the giraffes

map reading convention


We came back from the beach early this year, which meant that we still have Cam around for another week before he's decided to go back to work... one of our goals for this remaining week of holidays was to do some fun stuff as a family...

A day at the zoo was right up there on the list.

We strolled through the gates, giving each of the kids their own map and asked them to choose what they wanted to see, then we just followed them around on their 'choose-your-own-adventure'. I've got to say, that doing the zoo this way was... fun. I wanted to see the reptile enclosure {because we never seem to get there} so they found their way there, stopping in to see the Platypus and the giraffes first. After spending quite a while with the reptiles we headed past the lions, then had an early lunch before heading across the zoo to find the {sleeping at the back of their enclosure} tigers, then the butterfly's, spiders {ew... crawly, crawly skin!} elephants, then having a little rest at the orangutans {as well as catching up with their cousins who were also visiting the zoo}.

After all that we had a turn on the carousel, followed by the seals, but by then the kids were shot, so we made our way home.

A fun {but tiring} time was had by all, really the epitome of family outings, right.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Is a trip as good as a holiday?...

I'm back at the 'camp' after a night back at home... It was just the change of pace that I needed, you know how it goes, nice to get away, nice to be back!

We enjoyed lots of little adventures on our 'mini-road-trip' starting with having to make our way through a herd of cows that were being moved from one paddock to another a few kilometers up the road... I am terrible with livestock, they scare the living begeazus out of me, the farmer gave the sage advice that I should be assertive as I made my way past, and my sister gave much needed tips and encouragement from the passenger seat, and of course I made it past in my big-black-4wd just fine (forgetting to even snap an iPhone photo) but it really did remind me of one of the closing scenes in the cars movie where the Colonial orders the Hummer to drive down into the desert and the Hummer is all indignant about getting dust in his wheels, watch the movie and that pretty well sums up how I am about MY car.

When we got home we enjoyed us some showers then headed out to the hairdresser to get Daisy's haircut fixed, and she is now sporting a super-cute bob, it makes her hair look so much thicker, and was quite the hit at the fairy party that she attended today (although, they've just spent a year watching her turn up to kinder with rats-tail hair at best and with a full dready-mat down the back at worst, so anything was going to be an improvement!)

I had a lovely catch-up with my best-female-friend and have been pleasantly surprised by just how much I've missed her company this past few weeks, nothing like a bit of girly natter to sooth the soul... and then I spent an hour on the phone this morning with my best-male-friend and walked away from that conversation with a whole other (more positive) perspective on some of the stuff that has been bothering me of late... and I enjoyed a pleasant 24 hours with my sister and my daughter, eating take-away, shopping and hanging out.

On top of that I had a chance to spend some time in my garden, mounding potatoes, harvesting onions and admiring my developing tomato crop, and that is always the stuff that I enjoy.

... then, of course, there was the reason that we went home, one of Daisy's friends fairy party, which was so beautiful... it was decorated perfectly, with just the right amount of pink and pretty decorations, the fairy was a huge hit, and the face painting devine. It was also nice to catch up with my mum-friends, a treat that I don't normally get in the middle of the summer holidays... and the hosting was amazing, drinks and food for the mums, just perfect.

Then we hit the road to make it back to camp in time for dinner. A mere days break, but so sorely needed that it felt like it was much longer...

Now onto the business at hand, being on holiday...

Thursday, 5 January 2012


I'll admit, I'm having trouble getting into the holiday vibe this year. I've had my nose stuck in the kindle that I got for Christmas, plenty... and I've been keeping to myself. Truth be told, it's the sort of break that I take when I've not had enough time to myself... I've found 2011 particularly difficult that way, I feel that everyone feels that I get a break because Angus is at school, and Daisy spends time at kinder or my mum has her on a Wednesday afternoon, but I fail to see how still having a full-on 2 year old with me qualifies as having a break. Even now that we are on holiday, and I have my nose stuck in a book, I can still hear them, they are all around me, asking questions and needing attention. So in short, I'm in need of a mental adjustment, and an attitude shift because really nothing will change except for my behavior towards it, right?!?

I'm still holding out for the Chinese new year, on the 24th, as I hold more with that change than the western 1 January new year... So until then, I'll just be hanging in, like I've done all year... and hopefully the changes that I've put in place for 2012 will see me in a happier, more fulfilled place.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Mobile Blogging

After such a busy end to the year, I didn't get a chance to pop back into this space ... now I'm away holidaying (... well I've changed locations to the beachside, with three kids is it ever really a holiday?) and I've just realized that blogger finally have an iPhone app, so I can blog on the go (although the content may be a bit in holiday mode compared to the usual fare, as I'll have to use my iPhone camera too!!)