Monday, 26 March 2012

the festival


duck race


off they go

We spent a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon at our local festival, mostly so that we could go and see the ducks race, but while we were there I was able to snap some cool stuff for my homework shots this week, and we got to enjoy some one-on-one time with Aunty Robyn while Nanna-Gill stayed at home with the little red-headed trouble maker Mia.

We saw an awesome display from the snake handler, a red-belly-black-snake and a tiger snake were among the high-lights for me. We had a front row seat for the beginning of the duck race, and thank-fully no little people fell over the edge!... we shared the delights of fairy floss with my two eldest {their first time ever}, we ran into many friends and had little passing chats; and Angus and Daisy insisted that we line up in the stinky-camel line, so that they could have a ride.

All in all a lovely afternoon.

Friday, 23 March 2012

how to get a home cooked meal






06-decisive moment - single photo story



It's not often that I can turn up at my parents place and expect a home-cooked meal... mostly we just let the kids loose to create mess and chaos and sit around the kitchen drinking cups of tea, solving various technology issues, chatting and scoffing goodies from the 'bickie-barrel'.

However this past weekend I needed to have a crack at a photo essay for school, so I rang mum and told her my grand plan... she could cook us lunch while I {bossed her around from the sidelines, um, i mean} took photos.

The above sequence was the photo essay that I submitted for critique at school today... I wonder if I could get away with using this approach to get another meal?

04-environmental portrait

Love you Mum!... and thank-you for being my willing subject.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

catching up...

A couple of years ago my Nanny {my kids great grandmother} moved into a little unit that is part of a retirement village... time has slipped along, and with kids and various other commitments, I had not yet visited my Nanny in her new home {I have seen her in that time, just not at her home} until today.


A few weeks ago we went on an outing and subjected my Nanny to the hustle and bustle of an Apple store. Not only that, but we encouraged her to get a 3g iPad of her own... she has been talking for some time now about having access to a computer and learning how to use email and the internet, and I thought that it would be easier to use an iPad than it would be for her to learn how to use a laptop.

new technology

Unfortunately, we've had a little glitch with the internet connection {in that there wasn't one} for some reason, the apple store employee and the telstra call centre person had a mis-communication, and something wasn't set up with the internet. After an hour of hold music and help-desks this morning, we were cooking with gas and Nanny finally had her hot little hand on a fully functioning iPad.

We covered the basics of how to surf the internet and how to liase via her freshly minted email account... and now, with a little practice I am sure that in no time she will be confidently surfing away, and regularly checking out my little blog...

... hence the increased action that we're seeing around here!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


One of my {many} quirks is that I can't get to sleep if my feet are cold {I can't sleep with hot feet either, they have to be 'just right'}. It's something that I've struggled with over the last year or so, I no longer use a heat bag after mine caught on fire in the microwave and I realised that it was smouldering in my bed. Then I moved onto the humble hot water bottle, but was cured of that when mine burst one night and the {very} hot water leaked onto my bare foot.

Since these unfortunate events I've struggled. My explorer socks don't seem to work because there is no body heat to warm them up, and even when they do work I wake in the night because my feet are too hot... so currently I go to be with cold feet and contort myself into all weird and wonderful positions in an attempt to warm them up. They get tucked in the crook behind my knees, tucked in between Cam's calves {much to his delight I'm sure} or poked anywhere else that I think might expedite the warming process, so that I can drift into much needed sleep.


Over the summer I started knitting my first ever sock, it's a lovely cable pattern in 10ply pure wool. I figured that would be thick enough to keep my feet warm in the evening, so that I can drift straight to sleep when I tuck up in bed.

Unfortunately I haven't found the time to knit over the last couple of months, so these {quarter done} socks have languished in the back of the cupboard...

So my solution ::


A toasty new pair of Ugg Boots.

Oh my they are so, so warm {and for at home use only!}

Hopefully this will mean that I can get an extra hour of sleep each night. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

ducks for the festival

Our local festival is this coming weekend, and in amongst the many events held, is the duck race. The children at the local schools are invited to purchase, decorate and enter a plastic duck into the race. Last year, we were a little slap-dash in our approach, and if I remember correctly our single entrant had some permanent black texta decorations... a bit lame really.

This year, we picked up our ducks from school {the day before they were due back!} and headed straight to the art store, then out to Nanna's with our ducks, accessories and the all important hot glue gun...

This is the result ...

her duck

his duck

Angus wanted to add a canon to the bottom of his {to blow all of the other ducks out of the water so that his would win} but instead they settled for the equivalent of feather sails on the ducks backs... now we just have to hope for a tail wind.

{and I have a suspicion that while they both look like they are heading of to the mardi gras they will look more like they have been to the mardi gras once they are returned...)

Monday, 19 March 2012

my space

Whilst the last week {or so} has found me feeling a little under the weather, it certainly hasn't stopped me {finally} getting my work/study space sorted out. Up until now, you could find me tucked into a corner of the dining room, seated at my teeny-tiny student desk, peering into my 13" macbook screen.

Well, no longer!

office space

This is now where I can be found... taking up one side of the lounge-room, sitting on my replica eames management chair, at my ginormous new desk {with a place for everything, and everything in it's place} using my brand new, super fast iMac... such a wonderful improvement, even if I do say so myself.

:: Details ::

Replica eames management low back chair from here.
Desktop from here, sitting upon this and this.
iMac from here {of course}

Sunday, 11 March 2012

not too busy for a home-cooked meal

More often than not, lately, I feel that I am in such a tail-spin. I have things that need to be done. Lots of things. But I'm just too busy to actually get to them....

Then I read this article* via Cup of Jo :: Are you as busy as you think? and it really got me thinking. Yes, I am busy. I have a lot of balls that I juggle, kids schedules and taxi service, studying, home-duties, family commitments, social interests... however, none of these things are out of the ordinary. We all have lots we have to do... what got me though, was how many times I gravitate back to the computer, particularly the social aspects of the internet. It got me thinking some more about the structure of my days, and that there really is some room for improvement...

That said, Cam has been overseas all week and won't be back until late Sunday night, so this week has seen all of my short-comings come into sharp focus. Unfortunately, by Friday I felt that I had been poisoned! We've eaten so much take-away, and nutritionally devoid food that I felt like I'd eaten the poisoned apple, it looked so good on the outside, but given the state of my being, clearly it was not good at all.

So yesterday, the TV was switched off, the Wii on the black-list, and they all got outside for plenty of play. Sure there was moments of "i'm bored"s and plenty of whining about the lack of television, BUT we had a much better day.

I spent some time in the kitchen making chicken and corn soup from scratch, which we enjoyed for lunch {and because they had been outside playing, instead of inside lounging & snacking, they ate everything that was dished up to them}. We also enjoyed a lovely homecooked dinner, and then {surprise, surprise} they happily headed off to their beds for a good {long} nights sleep.

I know that it's not rocket science, but lately I've been so caught up in my BUSY life, that I've forgotten about the simple stuff that actually makes the journey pleasurable. So, duly noted, and back to basics {and a bit of structure} we go...

* If you're friends with me on Facebook, you would have already see this link, but it interested me so much that I'll mention it again here :: an interesting article about 'balance' and happiness :: What the happiest and most successful women to differently