Monday, 27 August 2012



paw print

crocodile walk

The weekend saw a couple of later than usual nights for us, Friday the man-of-the-house headed out of town, so the pressure was on for me to finish school, beat the rush hour out of the city, pick up two kids from after school care, retrieve the other from her grandparents, and organise some dinner for everyone. After sneaking out of class a smidge early and making good time out of town, I made the executive decision to partake in fish & chips for dinner - sometimes you just gotta take the easy path. By the time we had ordered, eaten, chatted, kept mia awake for the car ride home, bathed kids, and read stories it was late.

Saturday saw kids who were whiney and tired, so instead of taking Daisy out to purchase her ballet uniform, we mooched around the house instead. In the afternoon we headed out to a kid playmate / thermomix demonstration. we were out for a number of hours, and while the kids had a blast, there was so many of them that it was pandemonium. I really have no idea how the demonstrator kept on track, but I can say I enjoyed a delicious raspberry sorbet, capsicum-nut dip, risotto, soup and pizza... and in line with another member of my extended family I'm thinking that they are pretty awesome. Now I just need to find two large somewhere!

By the time Cam got home Saturday night, the kids were all tucked up in bed and I was thinking about our Sunday plans. We cooked up an idea to go visit the zoo, but when we bounced this idea off the kids on Sunday morning there seemed to be general dissent. The oldest one wanted to go to the museum to see the dinosaur bones again, and bless him, he really did try to sell the idea to his younger sister, who wanted to go and see the lions fed at the zoo. In the end, we decided to treck over to Werribee and sample the open range zoo. We've not been before, and while we didn't over-do it {three hours we were there for} we did have a great time. Daisy was not a fan of the safari bus, although you couldn't tell at the time, as they clambered from one side of the bus to the other, peering out at the animals.

bus views

The post zoo discussions included the following highlights :: the wild dogs were a hit with all the kids :: the sandpit a hit with us parents for how long it held the kids attention while they tried to uncover the 'fossil' within :: the comment of the day was Angus regarding a skeleton feature {sculpture?} along one of the paths, when asked what it was he kicked it and declared it "junk that has been left laying around" :: we loved the cheetahs, not only are they majestic to watch when they moved, but you couldn't forget just how wild they are, watching them sitting on the hill watching the day old camel on the other side of the fence :: the walk through the reeds listening to lion sounds and then another with crocodile sounds was pretty good too.


So tell me, what did you get up to? x

Monday, 20 August 2012

let's catch a chicken




was the request, and who was I to say no?...

This gorgeous part of the world is now where we get to go visit my sister, the air is fresh, the company pleasant, and the kids get to roam around in the mud and check out the farm. We've been once before, and ever since it's been on the kids rotation of "where are we going today?"... I swear they are going to have kittens, once they figure out how close to the beach it is.




We had a lovely walk around the paddocks, and got to check out the new calves. I'm still in disbelief that I was actually in the same paddock as the bull, although Brad assured me that he would throw my kids over the fence if the bull charged, and I could just take care of myself.

It's saying a lot about how calm I think that bull is. Last time I saw him, he was a foot away from me {on the other side of the fence} and I thought my heart was going to leap straight out my mouth, this time I just made sure that he hadn't bothered to get up, and all was good.



Thanks Robyn and Brad for a lovely day... see you again soon. x

Sunday, 12 August 2012





in a season

Ahhhhh..... the last auskick for this season. It's been real... but now that we're done.... laters!

I shall elaborate. At the beginning of the season I only wanted Angus to do Auskick, not because he's the boy, but because I knew that Daisy would not want to actually participate, she only wanted to enrol because Angus was and she didn't want to miss out. Unfortunately I was right... for the first few sessions she participated, but that was mainly because her friend Si was doing it to. It didn't take long for the novelty to wear off, and once that happened she was a handful and we told her that because she had chosen to do it that she would have to see it through. Up until the very last session, where she carried on such a treat that I drove down, picked her up and brought her home ~ with her full knowledge that wouldn't get the trophy at the end...

Her brother did however have a great time this season, he participated, did the drills, and played alongside his friends. In the end he was keen to get his trophy but he's ready to move on too. The cold and the mud haven't been all that much to his liking.

The littlest one however, she was in her element. A couple of hours to make best buddies and play in the mud - it was just what her little heart desired... and just for prosperity, I do think that in the intervening months her hair has grown a little.

Now we're all ready to move along to the next big thing - karate for him & ballet for her... and so it begins.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

a little bit


her ice cream


it's that sort of weather


I'm sitting here listening to the steady sound of rain sheeting across our tin roof, heavy, heavier, lighter, heavy... it's nice to listen to, but really it's been quite a bleak week. Both in terms of weather and in terms of mood.

I have a task for school to make images in b&w and just look at the light, and the mood that it creates. All to be taken at home. It's been hard to find the light for me this week. Glimpses here and there. Maybe next week will be better.

These are some of the images that I've captured {all on my new 50mm lens} and it's reminded me how much I miss having pictures of the everyday. I've forgotten or just lost interest in taking them.

I was reading some of my old posts a week or so back, and I now realise how important it is for me to capture this every day stuff. My goodness it was nice looking back on what I thought were boring days back then, and remembering, and wondering how is it that they were such babies a short while ago. I think that I will be back in the space a little more. Trying to find my voice again.

I think that the everyday looks just a little more special in the monochrome, so maybe i'll just go with that for a while. Simple. Effective. x