Thursday, 27 September 2012

the super cool

reading material

she's sick, again


Last week I wanted to buy a copy of Kinfolk, I'd yet to peruse it's pages and as these things happen, I had the urge. When I looked on their website I noticed that 'The Super Cool' were one of the australian stockists. I then jumped across to "The Super Cool" website and lo-and-behold, they had a pop-up shop at Doncaster {not more that 15 minutes drive away} for the next few weeks.

Thursday Mia and I made our way to Doncaster, but it wasn't until I was driving home that I remembered about the magazine. I was too distracted buying macarons on my way out.

On Friday I received a text informing me that my afternoon class had been cancelled, and of course my first thought was "brilliant! I can go shopping..." so after a quick side trip into the city, I headed straight out to shopping town and made a bee-line for The Super Cool.

Oh dear.

If you have any budgetary constraints, do. not. do. it.

It was wonderful, I could have bought so much more than I did, but I did show some restraint, I didn't buy the hot air balloon for the girls room, for example. {unf. not shown on their website} or the chevron cushion, or the 600ml erlenmeyer style flask... I could go on...

what I did buy, was the last two issues of Kinfolk, a 1000ml erlenmeyer style flask, a HUGE amber apothecary vintage japanese jar {be-still my beating heart}, some sweet little gifts, a triangles tea towel {not pictured} ... and then I sat them upon my {now beautiful} newly white dresser in the dining room.

I love it, it looks so pretty... and since we've been at home for the past two days as Mia has some nasty virus, it's been such a happy little space to look upon while I'm going about my day.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

an unremarkable day




An early start to celebrate the coming of the tooth fairy.

A quiet day at home.

Admiring my flowers in the morning sun.

Tweaking and solving a few issues with the blog.

Name change nearly complete.

Re-potting some succulents acquired during yesterdays play-date.

Getting some fresh air and a little sun on my nose.

Giving lots of cuddles to the little clingy one.

Enjoying time with my knitting girls... it's been a while.

An unremarkable day, in it's own special way.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Losing it

first tooth

6 years old and 4 days, out came her first tooth. It's wasn't unexpected, her brother lost his on his 6th birthday, and while he lets the second tooth grow the baby teeth out, she's a wobbler.

Wobble. Wobble. Wobble. "Mum my tooth hurts!" I don't tell her that I was also a wobbler, I just suggest that she leave it alone for a while.

This morning she kept joking... Gasp! "my tooth just came out" and then gleefully informed us that she was just tricking. But when it happened, just as we were leaving an enjoyable play-date*, I knew that this was the real deal... and there she stood holding the little thing in her hand, and looking rather pleased with herself.


I dare say, because she knows $2 will be forthcoming this evening... and looking at how wobbly the one next to it is, I think that tooth fairy better visit the ATM and get cashed up.

* with the awesome leslie from maze & vale. You can purchase her beautiful handprinted fabrics here.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Featuring, the cake

One of my fondest memories of my childhood is the time that I would spend dreaming about my birthday cake, my nose stuck deep into the Woman's Weekly Birthday cake book. It's no surprise that children today still do the same thing, in fact it's one of my favourite things, watching them inspecting the book and deciding which cake it will be this year.

On the flip side, the fear about which cake they will chose, and whether I will actually be able to deliver the goods, that's a parent thing.

This year I was reliably informed that I would be making the fairy castle cake. {Um, really?... that very complicated looking thing?...oh}

and then I remembered my fourth birthday, and my Mum delivering the type-writer cake into my hands. I remember vividly how much I wanted that cake, and how delighted I was when it was a reality. I don't remember it being cut up or eaten, although I would hazard a guess that Mum still does. Oh, the pain of watching all of your hard work being demolished a mere few hours after completion. The pain... so I made the cake.

the cake

I was in the kitchen before 7am and didn't get out again until 11am... there was construction, then icing, and chocolate melting, more construction, I even piped the gates and vines {first time piping chocolate} then the final details and sprinkles everywhere. Most of this was done with a curious audience sitting on the stools opposite me, asking questions and making observations.

So the cake was sat in the middle of the table, pride of place, and garnered plenty of oohs and ahhs.

While the kids played, the parents chatted {and goo'd over the newest member} until present time rolled around.

present time

her stash

She received lots of treasures, and this ikea {lockable} cabinet to keep everything safe from her little sisters sticky fingers {as we are unable to afford her the luxury of her own room}

and then it was cake time.


shortly followed by cake demolition time {thanks Cam, I just couldn't do it.}


and soon enough the kids birthdays were over for another year...

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Easy, like Sunday morning

sunday morning

I always think of faith no more when I think those words.

A busy, busy Sunday morning. Daisy chain wanted the most time consuming birthday cake {don't worry photos are coming!} so while Cam headed back to the supermarket to pick up a packet of skewers {vital I tell you} I was scoffing a quick couple of pancakes.

We missed him the weekend before. He went down to Torquay for the weekend for work, and while we had a shit time without him {think sick me, sick three-year-old, a #2 accident at 6:30AM for one of the kids, and sleepless nights} and to top that all off, the kids didn't like MY pancakes on the Sunday morning... humpf.

Admittedly, Cam's are much, much better when you're wanting the sugar and lemon variety; and it gave me a chance to try out my fancy new lemon squeeze thingy. So, so good. I'm probably the last on the planet to discover the ease of this little beauty, but let me give you the tip, it was easy. and ace. and it's yellow, so that's ace too. Just what I need, more excuses to squeeze lemons.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Turning Six

6 - early

I don't have a clue how early it was when she crawled into bed with me, I did wake enough to remember not to growl at her though, you can't growl at the birthday girl. To her credit she did go back to sleep {or at least lay there quietly while I did} until a reasonable{ish} hour. Then she snuck back into her room to wake her sister, of course then the yelling started, which woke her brother, and once they were all awake, present time.

6 - presents

Uh, nuh meh urgh mmmmm.... zzzzzz!!!!

Oh, sorry! I'm awake. Really!!

She was super impressed with her barbie & horse, even though she'd told me that she didn't want anything barbie. The lego was a flop, "what did you buy me this for? I don't like lego." and when Nanna rocked up at 8o'clock with a new version of the fashion plate, well her morning was complete.

6 - cake

Then after a busy last day of term at school, we finally convened at Nanna and Grandpa's where she enjoyed her chocolate cupcake and then swiftly ejected us all so that she could enjoy her sleep-over in peace.

Happy Birthday beautiful Daisy Chain! xx

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Trying to


improve my food photog skills.

I bought these, and don't they cost a bomb. I know why though, as I've tried to make them before, I hate when things beat me like that, so I'll probably try again one day. Until then, I'll make do with ones from the shop.

They were very yummy.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Little Things


A peaceful breakfast for one.

An upright tulip from my garden.

A little bottle of sugar, for sprinkling.

A snug cloud chopping board {you can get one from here in Aus}

A blank wall where THE dresser used to be.

A little bit of photoshop skulduggery introducing a little grain.

These are some of the little things that are making me happy.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

to white


As a piece of furniture, I love it... as a baltic colour, I intensely dislike it. So much so, that I avoid taking photos in the dining room, it's always in the background, lurking, growing out of someones head. It irritates me.

Eventually it became one of those things - I bought my supplies, sandpaper, undercoat, white-on-white paint, and set to work.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

it's all about the flowers


For the past few months I've experienced such pleasure in watching my flower buds swell and bloom. I know that it's cliche to speak about taking the time to smell the roses, buy truly it was like I needed to witness the miracle of nature this year.

I've taken a little time every day to check on my pot of ranunculus, the same ones that I bought last year, and then left abandoned in the back of the garden when they were spent... I discovered them a month or so back, happily shooting new leaves for another year. They were upgraded to the prime spot on the front steps, where I could see them from where I wash the dishes each day.

rosemary & ranunculus

We've enjoyed a revolving array of plants on the kitchen windowsill, and my little helper has been so eager to assist me when it's time to plant the old batch of herbs into the garden outside, and replace them with some new ones.

I find that they don't get quite enough sun as the kitchen is on the shady side of the house, so after a while they start to look a little sad. It's a pleasant little interlude, visiting the nursery to select something new and doing the change over, so I don't mind that it's not the ideal spot to grow my herbs.


This year I brought one of those net bags of bulbs, I didn't really have a plan for them so when planting time came about they were popped into the vegetable garden with the garlic. This is the first time that I've successfully grown tulips, mostly because in the winter I don't have to water my vegetable beds, contrary to the pots that the kids brought home from kinder, so neglect hasn't brought me undone this year. Instead I've been able to enjoy these beauties.


and this hyacinth that popped up from last year and wooed us with her beauty.

Next year, come bulb buying time, I guarantee I'll be the one with the basket full. I have a raised garden bed that will not grow vegetables, due to it's less-than-ideal location, so it's going to be commissioned into the flower bed. I can't wait to have enough stems to be able to bring some inside. Oh, isn't it the little things.

Monday, 10 September 2012

our morning walk

my view

I've heard that it takes 21 days to form a habit, so I think that it's safe to say that this has become our regular thing. We drop the two older kids at school and then three days of the week we make our way down to the local river for our walk.

LCM bar

Some of my friends have wondered how she will still sit in the pram for me, being a worldly three-and-a-quarter, and deep in the "I'm a big girl now, I'll do it myself" phase... well now that I'm well into kid number three, I'm no stranger to bribery.

So first she gets her smarty bar {otherwise known as an LCM bar}

tiny teddies

Then she moves on to her little packet of tiny-teddies...


While I walk my ass off and sometimes discover new sights, or just enjoy the flow of the river and the coming of a new season - hello all you beautiful blossoms, that just as quickly subside into new leaves.

Some days she finishes up with a le-snack pack, but not today.

rock selection

and while I'm packing the pram back into the car, she either collects a special rock or goes and sits on the big boulder and waits.

and then we get on with the rest of our day.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

a new nephew


There's something so nice about being able to hold a fresh baby knowing that I am not having any more,  it was great being able to hold that little baby and just enjoy the moment. I'd forgotten just how small they really are at one day old.

I'm so pleased that we have a new member of our extended family, and just beautiful seeing how much his family is loving him up.