Friday, 1 February 2013

an ode to summer 2013

It's the first day of february, the holidays have passed us by, life is starting to ramp up again. I want to get back into this space, and I have some ideas of how I'd like to do that... but to start I wanted to show you a little of what we got up to this summer. Obviously this doesn't capture it all, there are many {many} times that I don't get my camera out - there were trips across paddocks with the five of us squished into the front of the old ute. There were chats with friends in the middle of the paddock, in the middle of the night, beverages and camera in hand, friends falling over each other and living in each others space, and loving it all... the luxury of spending days together with beloved friends, while our children formed long lasting bonds, there were many trips to the beach, and even a spot of boogie boarding after a 20 year hiatus {pleased to say that I've still got it!}.

So instead, I downloaded the images off my camera, smushed them all together and added some music.

Let me know what you think. x