Sunday, 10 February 2013

sounds of summer


We've had water restrictions in place for so long that it's never been an option for me to water my lawn, not that i've really wanted to before... but this year, with the new cubby, and the idea to get the kids outside and playing some more, I really wanted to resurrect our grass somewhat. Can you see the brown in the image?... that's my lawn, it's not quite a dustbowl, but it will be soon if we don't get some rain.

When I think of Summer, I always think of the noise of the impact sprinkler in the evenings. Dad would have ours on for a few hours each summer evening, watering the vegetable garden... truly, is it a sound that everyone knows? or was it just my childhood?...

It's been so nice this evening to listen to the sound of the sprinkler doing it's job, and hopefully my grass will green up a little, and fingers crossed the season changes soon and we get a lot more rain!