Thursday, 28 February 2013




It will be two weeks on saturday since Yasmine joined our family, as always the time flies by so quickly. It's taken me nearly that two weeks to get Yazzy used to the camera, she's either tucked away in a quiet and often dark corner enjoying a nap, or she is full pelt hunting a piece of fluff or attacking a piece of string with all that she's got. I'd forgotten just how vicious little kittens can be, everything is a game, and if you dare so much as to breath then you're fair game...

It's been so much fun, and since we've been 'pet less' for around 6 months now, it's really ace to have someone furry and purry to snuggle with again.

Right now she's snoozing on a pile of papers on my desk, with her back to my tapping fingers just so she won't be tempted to attack them...