Friday, 1 March 2013

food for thought


Lately I’ve been spending waaaay too much time thinking, too much time living inside my head. So in a effort to get out of my head, and stop over-analysing everything, I’ve decided to focus on doing some personal work, some projects that will move me from the thinking about, to the doing something about – I've toyed with doing a 365 project {you know, a photo a day}, but after starting, I’m thinking that it's too ambitious for me right now. It seems that a couple of weekly projects might be a better place to start.

So I'm thinking of doing a Friday Food post, I need to be getting my camera out a lot more and practice {practice, practice} so my plan is to put together a food shoot each week. I may, or may not share recipes and stories, or it may just be the pictures? or maybe we could create a community where we all share and effectively have a meal together? I’m just going to let it develop and see where we go.

The other thing that I’d like to start is the 52 Portraits project, It’s an inspired idea that I’ve been watching shape up over at Christie's, and it’s made me realise the huge gap that I have in the photos of my kids. I used to take photos of them all. the. time. but as they’ve gotten older, and two of them are in school five days each week, and not around me, it’s gotten pretty spasmodic. It would be nice to have twelve months of weekly photos to mark the changes in them.

And while I’m throwing my ideas out there, I’m also contemplating doing the Point + Shoot on a Monday with Lou... one of the things that I used to love about blogging was that sense of community that came from finding {and participating} with like-minded peeps, and it’s one of the things that I’ve found that I have missed. So is it about time I joined in again and stopped hiding behind my computer screen? I think so. Yep.

I have some more ideas spinning around in my head, and I’ll spill them if I get serious about any of them, but in the meantime it will be nice to have some motivation {and maybe some self-imposed deadlines}, so make sure you hold me accountable, that’s why I’m putting this all ‘out there!’