Sunday, 2 June 2013


turning 4

party games


My little princess turned 4 today.

She is very pleased to be 4, as that means that she is no longer 'the baby'. We now have a house full of big kids - and I love it!

We had a family birthday for her this weekend, even though she was busting to have a proper party with all of her friends. I shied away from that this year though, as I'm not really sure with whom she is friends with at kinder, however next year will be her year. I have a the whole year to make sure that I am organised, no leaving things to the last minute will do next year.

This year is the first year that she has known her birthday was coming, she counted down the sleeps {with her sisters help} from two weeks out, and had much input into the presents and the cake. She was very definite with exactly what she wanted. A number 4 birthday cake, but not a boy-ie one. The Octopod, Barbies, Tinkerbells and a new pram. She got beautiful purple clothes {the only colour that she is interested in} and her favourite jeggins, in a size 4.

She knows exactly what she wants, and she is just charming enough to get exactly what she asks for.

We couldn't be happier to have this little princess to call our own.

Happy Birthday my lovely big girl. xx