Wednesday, 31 July 2013



Have you heard of TOMS?

I'd heard a little about them, then I read an article in an entrepreneurial magazine that a friend had about the phenomenal success that the concept has been.


As luck would have it, I was crushing on a german blog and I spied a cute pair of shoes in one of her {uber stylish} photos, and sure enough they were a pair of TOMS.

I ordered one pair, just to confirm sizing, but I'm planning on heading back online and ordering a couple more pairs. What's best is that not only are they well priced {even taking into account shipping} but I also know that I am doing a good thing for another human being on the planet.

Do you really need any more reasons?...

After doing a final inspection today on our humble abode, it was nice to have the distraction of my new shoes arriving this afternoon, as I am really starting to freak out about just how much work is ahead of me for the next month. Tomorrow I'll be heading out to buy some work clothes, because that will be my wardrobe for a while, Hard Yakka pants & shirt - woo hoo!!