Saturday, 3 August 2013

Day 1 :: Saturday


So after dipping our toes in yesterday, we arrived at our house bright and early today, eager to get started. The first hour was spent outside, brainstorming our pool fencing solution, and I am pleased to report that we are really happy with what we've decided. I can see it already, and it's going to be such a beautiful feature of our home... but for now, you'll just have to wait.

Before we settled, I had read so many forum posts about slate removal, and was quite anxious about how this would go for us. The majority were horror stories about the job taking three full days, and involving rotary hammer drills, and hours of chipping adhesive off the boards.


I was delighted when we first discovered that our slate  had been laid upon a plastic membrane, what really blew me away though was that after a solid days labour, by Cam and Dad {not me!} the majority of the slate was G.O.N.E!!

There was lots of back breaking chipping and bashing, and the tool of choice was the 'wrecking bar' which was also in high demand for my job of removing all of the carpet, tack strips, and underlay. Once the first line of slate was finally removed, the job went much faster; although just as noisily and dustily.

slate removed

My Dad brought a large, double axle trailer around, which he backed up to the front porch. This made the task of removing the slate from site so much easier. The boys just filled the wheelbarrow up as the went and wheeled it straight up onto the trailer.

By the end of Day one :

- All of the slate was removed for the main floor areas of the family room.
- All of the carpet, tack strips and underlay had been removed.
- About 80% of the carpet tacks had been removed.
- The house was full of dust + angle grinder stench.

and the kids?


well they were sick of the site of this room!