Monday, 19 August 2013

Day 15 :: the pool fence - part one











Finally this weekend we were able to make a start on the pool fence. There are two vital things that need to be completed before we can move in, the pool fence, and the floors. Everything else is just a bonus... we've finally secured our building permit, so we were finally able to get on to phase one of the pool fence build.

Cam tells me that this part is the one that he has worried about the most, whereas I haven't given this one a second thought, dig some holes, put cement in the posts, and attach the aluminium panels. Whatevs!

In reality it was a little more tricky than that, we've been drawing this on paper for weeks {probably months actually} and it has slowly evolved to its current state. We have a lot of climbable objects near the fence, due to the landscaping features around the pool, so we've had to allow for the clearance in the regulations... eventually we came up with the idea to cut some of the panels so that the upright part can be sunk into the ground, then a full panel goes above that, ensuring that the bottom panel can't be lifted out of the ground. To do this though, we needed larger posts, and it worked out perfectly as our posts could be matched to the timber uprights that we are using for one part of the fence...

The only snag?... we ended up being one post short, so we haven't been able to fix the timber vertical section in yet. I'll get an extra one this week, and then next weekend we'll be able to move to phase two of the fence.

I can't wait to see it all come together, it's one thing to draw it on paper, but to see your ideas actually becoming a reality is such a rush :)