Sunday, 4 August 2013

Day 2 :: Sunday


After an uncomfortable night sleep, we dragged our weary {and sore} bodies out of bed, bright and early. Made the kids pancakes, did a load of laundry, packed our {very large} lunchbox, threw the iMac into to car, and headed back to the work site our new house.

While Cam spent the morning chipping away at the edges of the slate around the island bench, I spent my day down on the floor punching in staples. Because the floor is pine {ie: soft wood} the construction has been with floor staples, not nails, so each staple has to be punched on either end until the whole top drops down below the surface of the wood.

So this view...

nail punch

This is pretty much what I looked at all day... needless to say, my staple punching got super effecient as the day wore on, and my arm muscles and knees, and bend at the back of my ankle, all got very, very sore.

However, dragging myself around the floor all day, did give me a chance to find nearly all of the staples that I had missed yesterday, and I was able to easily pluck them out with my trusty staple remover.

floor staple remover

Don't the right tools make all of the difference...

carpet removed

By the end of the day, we had:

- Punched down all of the staples in Angus' Room, Daisy's Room, the back hallway, and half of the family room.
- Evened off the slate around the edges of the kitchen.
- Removed a self-seeded tree that was in the way of the proposed pool fence,
- Moved a Bird of Paradise plant to where the tree had been removed, and
- Put in the string line for the proposed pool fence.

The kids?


They had been evicted from this room, and sent to a different room with a square of carpet and an iMac. When they tired of that, they got outside with Cam and took turns cleaning the pool with the net thingy... and when Mia took a walk through the shallow part of the pool with her clothes on, they got shipped to Nanna's for the rest of the day.