Sunday, 25 August 2013



This photo was taken last weekend, before the posts and timber verticals were built, but I wanted to show what we were dealing with when trying to design our pool fence. The regulations cover a 900mm span around the 1200mm non-climbable pool fence, which means that we were going to have to either have a really high fence, or a heap of changes in heights in our fence to take into account our many height changes...

After much brainstorming, we decided to take the level changes out of the equation by extending out deck to include a boardwalk - you'll see how this is going to work once we get that part of the fence installed.

Instead of trying to tackle this one ourselves, with our already large workload and time constraints, we decided to cough up the cash and employ the big guns... enter builders Brent and Bernie stage right.

These guys were awesome! They built the extension mostly in a day, and did so much work above and beyond what they were 'required' to do. While taking the old boards off the original deck, so that the extension will look seamless once we deal with the differenced in the timber ages, they discovered a broken {and dodgily repaired} pipe to the spa, then in the process of fixing it, they also discovered that the existing deck hadn't been supported properly, and so installed an extra load-bearing post to fix that too. I tell you, these guys are IT!!



I wasn't around on the Friday to take the finished photos, and by the time I got outside with my camera on the weekend, the deck was being dismantled {but don't worry, it was just decking boards that can be screwed back on} so that Cam and Dad could work away all weekend... but I am super impressed with the work that the boys did, it's built so well and looks just beautiful, and I especially like that they were able to incorporate my modification of adding a secret door to store my pool stuff in, I just love how it all came together.


So the weekend was spent on the 'invisible' work of installing the structural support elements to carry the weight of the next part of the fence... and by invisible I mean that they worked so hard all weekend and there's really not much to show for it now that most of the decking boards are covering what they did {frustrating, hey!?!}


So this week, my backyard is looking a little worse for wear, the pool filter is not working {I think due to an air lock} the spa needs emptying, cleaning, and refilling, the decking boards are still off all over the place, as the weekend passed much to quickly and my main man had to get back to his paying job... so I think that there will still be a few more instalments to this story before we can do the big reveal!