Monday, 26 August 2013

Day 24 - Before & Afters


There has been so much happening in the last week that i've not had the time to write about it, but I have been taking photos! I've spent most of the last week at the house painting trim... I'd paint all day while the kiddos were at school / nanna's house, then head back once Cam got home from work to paint until 10 o'clock, head home fall into bed, rinse and repeat. As you'd imagine, I gave myself a big cheer when I finally finished all of the trim {well except for the second coat in the main bathroom and the main loo, but shhhhh I'll get to it later this week}

The main thing is that all of the windows, both coats, were finished last Thursday, which meant that I could go ahead and order the new window furnishings; and the trim on all of the floorboard areas I finished today, now to remove all of the {gorgeous} purple tape and clean off all of the floors ready for varnishing.

So, wanna have a look?

Angus bedroom window before,


... and after


Daisy's bedroom window before,


... and after


The lounge before anything was done,


... after the floors were sanded back,


... and after all of the trim was painted.


Everything is starting to look so much brighter and whiter, and it will be getting more so once the floors, walls and ceilings are done too.