Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Day 26 :: wash. floor. white.


I'd got myself pretty nervous about the next step in our floor adventure, with the sanding I had the support of my main man {so I could blame him if it all went to shit!}, the sealing step was easy, stinky, but very easy... this next step, the whitewashing, I was on my own here, if it looked terrible I had only one person to blame... Feast Watson. Ha! Kidding! {sorta}

So I started in Angus' bedroom {otherwise known as the test room} right where the bed will be going. I had aligned myself with the professionals, and pooh-poohed the lambswool applicator, instead I'd chosen to go with the lambswool roller, more difficult but if it was good enough for the pros, then it was good enough for me.


I knew as soon and I started rolling that this was not going to get me the finish that I was after. I had one of those 'oh shit' moments and grabbed the paintbrush to brush out the nap marks. Thank goodness it looked good once I'd worked the product along the length of the board, making sure that my brush strokes weren't showing...


On the downside though, I'd set myself up for the unenviable task of bending over and rolling and then brushing out the nap marks for the ENTIRE. FRIGGING. HOUSE!!!

But being the trooper that I am, that was exactly what I did... it took me EIGHT. FRIGGING. HOURS. But by god I did it, and it looked totally gorgeous when I was done.


Then came the difficult part, another coat? yes? or no?...


I've subsequently decided that yes, it needs one more whitewash coat before I start coating it with the clear satin varnish, and I've also made the time to invest the twenty five dollars in the lambswool application pad that they recommend you use. I now have my fingers crossed that it gives the finish that I'm after because I don't fancy the idea of the roller / brush experience again soon.