Monday, 5 August 2013

Day 3 :: Monday

Another uncomfortable nights sleep, this time with a sore arm, and elevated cortisol levels, we were back out on site at our house super early, the kids still dressed in jammies and dressing gowns.

Thankfully our builder was punctual, and we spent the better part of an hour working through the works that we needed him to do. While we were at it, Cam took the opportunity to have a chat with him about the slate at the bottom of the island bench, and given that Brent was a shop-fitter in his past life, he knew tons about our kitchen construction, and made some great suggestions on how we could progress forward...

Soon after he left, our kitchen looked like this...

kitchen undressed

... and soon after that all of the slate {and evidence of rodent activity} had been removed.

Woo Hoo!

No more slate.

I am very happy that my kitchen and family room is already looking so much lighter and brighter, and that's without any finish on the floor, or any painting being done.

I am starting to feel very, very good about where this project is going.

Soon after this, I raced around getting kids ready for, and deposited to, school. Then got my application for my building permit in, and then

nail punch

... it was back to a few more hours of this for me.

By the time I left this afternoon :

- my kitchen looked like a {cleanish} demolition site
- the staples in my bedroom, walk-in-robe, and mia's room had been punched down; and
- I'd finally remembered to put chlorine in the pool