Monday, 12 August 2013

Days 8 - 10 | Our Weekend

edge sander

As soon as I walked through this house I knew that I wanted it to be floorboards throughout, the bones were all there, and it was just a minor thing to remove the slate and carpet, sand the floors back and refinish them.

Sounds so easy doesn't it. Even the guy at the bunnings hire desk said {and I quote}"it would have to be a really big house for you not to knock it over in a weekend".

See, easy! Two days work and we'd be done.


First lesson, best not to listen to the moron salesman at the bunnings hire desk counter.

So far we've done two-and-a-half days on the sanders and we have finally finished the first pass, meaning the floors have all been sanded back to raw using a really coarse grit paper, the holes and sap lines have been filled with wood filler, and the back half of the house' had a second pass with 60 grit paper.

first pass

during first pass

dexter the commercal vac

I am so glad that we are doing this before we move in, the dust is everywhere. It's layered on everything, and no matter how well the bags are done up, it just gets... everywhere. Luckily we borrowed my Dad's commercial vacuum cleaner {now named Dexter} and it has been fantastic. He sucks up everything, and holds heaps in his tummy.

While Cam spent 4 hours using the drum sander with 24 grit paper, I was like the little dental technician  following him around with Dexter, it made the job a lot easer when we kept cleaning up the dust as we went, especially while trying to get every last bit of old varnish from the floors.

I started off with the relatively easy job of filling each and every little punch hole, about 68,000 of them at last count, and scraping out the sap lines and filling them too. But after the first two rooms, it became apparent that if we wanted to make the job go quicker, I was going to have to jump on the edge sander. This was a little scary, as Cam had said it was really strong, but I must say it wasn't much different to most big sanders that I've used. It's a good thing that I like big power tools, because this one had some grunt, and bending over it like that was definitely hard work!

By tools down on Sunday we'd nearly finished the first pass, with only the hall to go {and then another 3 passes with increasingly finer papers} we decided to continue on the Monday. So my Mum was recruited to have the kids for another day {bloody curriculum days!} and we took advantage of our extra day with the sanders {having been given a faulty drum sander to start with} to keep sanding.

Just keep sanding, just keep sanding...

So Monday morning I got to the house, finished the hallway with the edge sander, then set about teaching myself how to use the drum sander in the test room, oops, I mean Angus' bedroom! It didn't take me too long to get the feel for that one too, so I spent a productive morning getting started on the second pass... then the electricity went out.

and apparently it didn't come back on until 2am the following morning. Obviously we had given up waiting long before that and returned to sanders back to Bunnings.

So next Friday and Saturday {and hopefully not Sunday} I'll be back on the sanders while Cam works away outside getting a start on the pool fence that we've finally got our building permit for...

In the meantime, I'll be buying some paint, nursing my hands and forearms back to health, and dreaming about what our beautiful floors will look like soon...

123, 4 + 5

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