Friday, 2 August 2013

home owners ~ at last...

So today was the day! We settled our new home this morning, I knew that settlement was booked for 11am, so I spent the few hours keeping myself busy this morning, and raced to the phone each time that it rang, expecting something to go wrong.

It didn't... Mum did a drive-by for me to confirm that the previous owners had moved out, considering that when we did final inspection on Wednesday we were expecting that to delay settlement, but it turns out that they had removalists turn up yesterday and do the lot. Then Cam rang me at about twenty past eleven to confirm that settlement had been effected.

Woo Hoo!!!!

With all of the planning that i'd done, you'd think that I'd be off and running?!? but instead I was at a bit of a loss. So I headed to Freedom and bought myself a house-settlement gift, then to bunnings for some tape measures, before picking up the keys and meeting Cam at our beautiful new home.

We did take a few minutes to wander around and check everything out at our own speed, blissfully on our own, chatting while we did about what we wanted to do with the space. As it was raining out, we decided to delay the outside measuring and planning until the weekend, and instead spent some time noting the dimensions of the inside space.

Would you like to see some of it?... I have a couple of shots, which also show a few of our plans for the space.


This is standing in the front doorway, and would you believe that today was the first time that I'd noticed that bright pink wall directly in front of us? crazy. So this is the entry, and to the left is the parents retreat and what was the dining room, however I'm not sure what this space will become yet, maybe a study, reading space? I think that we'll need to live with this first before deciding.


Now we're standing on the other side of that pink wall, in the nook where my desk will ultimately go. This is the parents retreat where we'll have a lounge and tv for Cam and I. The ceilings were thankfully, higher than I remembered, and those drop pendants are enjoying their last few days. As soon as practicable, they will be going and be replaced with LED down lights {which Cam won't bash his cheekbones in on!}


Again, using that bright pink wall to get our bearings, this is taken from near the family room window, back into the kitchen and where our table will go. We've been discussing the slate in this room a lot... and thankfully, after a little bit of investigation by Cam {while I nervously watched from the sidelines} we discovered....


the best case scenario. The slate has been laid on a plastic membrane, which means that we will be able to rip up the slate with a minimum of fuss, and without damaging our floorboards underneath.

So with that feather {metaphorically} in our hat, I headed off to our walk-in-robe {which is soon to become Mia's walk-in-robe} to see how easy the carpet would be to remove... but first, let me show you said carpet...


If I liked carpet at all, then we really would have kept this, it's a beautiful plush job, and I dare say it probably cost a fortune to put it in... but, I've had my heart set on floorboards for the longest time, and to find a house on full floorboards is a dream come true for me... so the carpet had to go.


We made a quick trip to bunnings for the right tools, because by goodness don't they make the job much easier, then it was all hands on deck for carpet, nail and staple removal; whilst Cam was in the family room bashing up slate. If it's one thing we are good at as a family, making noise {and lot's of it} would be it!

It wasn't long after this though that the noise and hungry kids got the better of me and we left the street back to the peace that they are {apparently} used to. We'll be back tomorrow for more floor work, and fence design...