Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lets get sorted...

Do you ever read organisational blogs?... I am a total organisational geek, I have a system for most things, from my budget to my linen cupboard. It brings me great joy to see things neat and tidy and all lined up... so today, I'm going to share a couple of things with you. If this is not your thing, feel free to move on.

Okay, first up is a list of sites that I head to that get me revved up, when I am looking for a bit of motivation to get things in order:

1. The January Cure - Apartment Therapy have this gem in their archives, it has some great tips for getting your house in order. For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere it should probably be called the July Cure, but you get the idea anyway. It's a great place to start if you are looking for some inspiration to get started.

2. A Bowl Full of Lemons - this woman has all sorts of organisational tips, it's all a bit too candy coloured for me, but the essence of it is brilliant.

3. Young House Love - I have read this blog for the longest time, I really enjoy that they just blog about whatever is going on with them right now. They've recently bought a new house, so it's like starting from the beginning again, and while I again am not so enamoured with their style, I do love the systematic way that they go about their reno's/refurbs, and all of the handy hints that they give. One of the best things is the lists and gadget stuff, I love that John gets all geeky about things like thermostat replacements or garage remote thingies. It really is right up my alley, and usually ends up in me googling around for all sorts of things.

4. Chez Larsson - This one is also a long term fave, I la-la-love Benita's style, from her uber clean {white} lines to her super organised home + garden solutions. Her new little home is delightful, and even though she doesn't blog so much anymore, her archives are full of treasures that often spring to mind when I'm doing stuff around my own home.

5. Slow Your Home - a newish one for me, but I had to mention it even if just for her most recent post, it made me laugh, and as organised as we all are, I'm sure that we can all see ourselves in, if not all, then in some of the things that she speaks of in 5 Surefire ways to create a cluttered home.

So now that I've shared all those, I want to share a gem of my own... my personalised shopping list solution!


While it's most certainly not pretty, it is 100% functional, and this is how it works; a while back I cleared all of the clutter on our fridge and contemplated adding a white board to it to jot down our menu plan, to do list, and shopping list reminders... and then it occurred to me that I could use the fridge as a whiteboard already. So I experimented with a whiteboard marker, and sure enough, it comes off easily with a damp micro-fibre cloth. So we started jotting bits and bobs directly on the fridge, whenever I realised that I needed something at the shop, on it would go.

Then instead of writing the list out again, thus creating an inefficiency, I just take a photo of the list with my iPhone before I wipe if off and head out for the supermarket... but {and this is the genius part} I also took it one step further and downloaded a free app called Skitch which enables me to import my photo and then cross the items off the list as I make my way around the supermarket or fruit + veg shop.
While it certainly ain't pretty, I love it so!


As an aside, are you ready? after what's been the {second*} longest week of my life, I am super nervous about settlement tomorrow, will it go through, will we be asked for an extension, aaarrrrggghhhh it's so hard not knowing what will happen... but fingers {and everything else} crossed, that at some stage tomorrow, we will be proud now home owners!!!!


* the longest week was the one before Daisy was born at 41 weeks, because as we all know, babies are supposed to come out on their due date, right!?!?!