Friday, 13 September 2013

day whatever... we're still going!


So we're still here, still working away on the house, but more in a lets move in and {try to} get sorted, kind of way. At the end of last week, amidst my bad temper and tiredness, I pulled the pin and decided that we should move in. Like now!

So we did. We spent the weekend moving the things necessary to function, like beds, food, etc... and Sunday night was our first night here. It's all been so nice, and I sort of wish that this was all the stuff that we had {well maybe a couple of extra baking pans might be handy}. I've really enjoyed the minimalist feel of the house... alas, I know that we now need to move the rest of our worldly belongings, so I've spent some time this week improving the functionality of some of the cupboards.


We decided to go with Ikea's Algot System, as it was functional and cheap. I would have liked to use the Elfa system, as I know that I could always add to it later if necessary, but right now its just too far out of our budget.

So Thursday I got started on the Hallway cupboard, after removing the rail and shelf that were originally there, and making quite a mess of the drywall, I decided that this was Phase One of this project {phase two will involve removing the Algot shelves, patching and painting the walls, and re-installing the shelves} but for now, the contents of this cupboard cover up most of the incriminating evidence, so it will be our little secret, yes?

The shelves themselves are pretty easy to install, especially with Cam's latest tool acquisition, I just added the mounting bar level across the top, slotted the uprights into place, marked the hold positions, sunk in the plastic drywall anchors, and screwed the uprights into place.

From there it was just a matter of measuring the height of my boxes and allowing ample shelf space to fit them in.

I also left a gap on one side to give me a space for my broom cupboard, as the house doesn't have anywhere to stash my broom...


and voila! ... the pugly sliding doors were replaced {an improvement project for another day} and my little treasures were hidden from view.