Wednesday, 30 October 2013








when we first inspected {what was to become} our home, i was adamant that the spa had to go. It was in the way of the logical path for the new pool fencing, also i wasn't that enamoured with the idea of a spa when we had this great big pool in the backyard. however after the pre-settlement house handover, when the previous owner showed me all of the existing infrastructure for the spa, i went home as told cam that i couldn't justify pulling out all of that {obviously expensive} equipment. So we moved to plan b and kept the spa, and came out with a much better design for our eventual pool + spa fence.

this last week, we've finally completed the fencing and filled up the spa, it's been in high use ever since, and i've just about stopped thinking of it in spa terms and find myself thinking of it as the heated kiddy pool. they're having a whale of a time playing, swimming and summersaulting in it.

then there's the added bonus of a nice relaxing dip for us parents after the kids are in bed.

yep, i'm sure glad that we reached a compromise on this one.