Thursday, 28 February 2013




It will be two weeks on saturday since Yasmine joined our family, as always the time flies by so quickly. It's taken me nearly that two weeks to get Yazzy used to the camera, she's either tucked away in a quiet and often dark corner enjoying a nap, or she is full pelt hunting a piece of fluff or attacking a piece of string with all that she's got. I'd forgotten just how vicious little kittens can be, everything is a game, and if you dare so much as to breath then you're fair game...

It's been so much fun, and since we've been 'pet less' for around 6 months now, it's really ace to have someone furry and purry to snuggle with again.

Right now she's snoozing on a pile of papers on my desk, with her back to my tapping fingers just so she won't be tempted to attack them...

Sunday, 10 February 2013

sounds of summer


We've had water restrictions in place for so long that it's never been an option for me to water my lawn, not that i've really wanted to before... but this year, with the new cubby, and the idea to get the kids outside and playing some more, I really wanted to resurrect our grass somewhat. Can you see the brown in the image?... that's my lawn, it's not quite a dustbowl, but it will be soon if we don't get some rain.

When I think of Summer, I always think of the noise of the impact sprinkler in the evenings. Dad would have ours on for a few hours each summer evening, watering the vegetable garden... truly, is it a sound that everyone knows? or was it just my childhood?...

It's been so nice this evening to listen to the sound of the sprinkler doing it's job, and hopefully my grass will green up a little, and fingers crossed the season changes soon and we get a lot more rain!

Monday, 4 February 2013

we built a ...

... have a look here to see

cubby from Jo Ely on Vimeo.

I am feeling just a little bit rough this morning, muscles that I did even know that I had, hurt!

But, when I look out of the back windows, I can see the fruits of our entire weekends labours, a 1.5m elevated cubby! It was the kids christmas present, a combined gift from Santa (!) and Nanna Jan, and they've been very keen to see it move from a flat-pack at their grand-parents house to an actually cubby at our house.

It did take a little longer than I expected, but that's okay, when I look back in years to come, it will appear that we built it in 3 minutes!

Now I'm off to clean my house, because that seems to have fallen apart in my absence. x

Friday, 1 February 2013

an ode to summer 2013

It's the first day of february, the holidays have passed us by, life is starting to ramp up again. I want to get back into this space, and I have some ideas of how I'd like to do that... but to start I wanted to show you a little of what we got up to this summer. Obviously this doesn't capture it all, there are many {many} times that I don't get my camera out - there were trips across paddocks with the five of us squished into the front of the old ute. There were chats with friends in the middle of the paddock, in the middle of the night, beverages and camera in hand, friends falling over each other and living in each others space, and loving it all... the luxury of spending days together with beloved friends, while our children formed long lasting bonds, there were many trips to the beach, and even a spot of boogie boarding after a 20 year hiatus {pleased to say that I've still got it!}.

So instead, I downloaded the images off my camera, smushed them all together and added some music.

Let me know what you think. x